Lecture: Bill Pulleyblank (IBM)

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April, 4, 2011
12:30 pm to 1: 20 pm
Posner Hall (Tepper School) Room 152

The Center for Business Optimization: Growing a startup within IBM

Dr. William (Bill) R. Pulleyblank,
VP, Center for Business Optimization,
IBM Global Business Services

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Lunch will be provided.

In 2005, Bill was asked to lead the creation of a new unit within IBM’s Global Business Services organization. This was to be a global operation that would lead in the delivery of advanced analytics and business optimization to IBM’s clients, across all industries. It was based on a new business model. Could IBM combine consulting services with software assets in a way that would make this possible and profitable at an IBM scale?

Bill will discuss his experiences during this period, challenges unique to IBM, as well as what worked and what did not. He will also discuss where he sees initiative this going in the future.

More details in attached flyer.

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